Coastal Landscape


Coastal Landscape is a fully bonded, reliable, trustworthy, Landscaping Company. 

Our creative professionals will take your budgeted ideal design and create it into a magnificently finished installation beyond your expectations. We provide nothing but the highest quality design and installation.

Our initial meeting is significant we will get a detailed sense of what you choose to accomplish with your project, the problems you would like to fix as well as the budget and time you need to work with so that we can offer a custom design that tailors to your needs.

1. Consultation

Once the design proposal is approved, we set up a deposit payment and begin the installation process

3. Approval

Once the project is complete and has gone above your expectations, we continue to educate about maintenance to keep your new project in excellent conditions.

5. Celebrate

We draw up a formal design plan based on the many inspirations, requirements, and budget constraints discussed during our consultation and provide the best design that fits your needs.

We specify where every specific installation will take place and offer actual samples to show you the possibilities of material that will be used on the project.

2. Design

We take pride when it comes to completing projects on time. Our team makes a smooth process throughout the time the project is advancing. 

4. Project Manage

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